Sunshine State upcycled purse by bohoECO

Sunshine State

I live in Florida. Yes, I like it. Yes, there are lots of vacationers, elderly, it’s like a sauna in the summer, everyone here is from somewhere else, and the traffic sucks. But…whenever I want to go to the beach, I can be there in 15 minutes flat. I can even see a movie on the beach if I want! I can get almost any type of cuisine within a 30 mile radius. If I want to go on a cruise, I don’t have to buy plane tickets. While all our friends and family up north have had to deal with snow for (literally) 6 months in a row, we have sunshine.

Speaking of sunshine, check out the pieces for my Sunshine State purse:

sunshine state purse pieces, bohoeco

Pretty sky blue, faded, vintage-y, with palm trees AND a sunset. Love it! I even dug out some coordinating ribbon, to add some interest on the strap.

Here is the finished product:

IMG_9750 IMG_9751 IMG_9752 IMG_9753 IMG_9754 IMG_9755

I honestly can’t believe this baby didn’t sell at my craft show. Several people picked it up but no takers. So she’s on Etsy now, waiting for a good home!

What do you think about Florida? Love it or hate it?

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    1. Thank you! I’ve actually only done one so far, in Safety Harbor. Looking for more local shows. If they do Ecofest in New Port Richey this year, I think my stuff would fit in well there :).

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