floral skirt 4

Winter florals

floral skirt 1 floral skirt 2

Here lies another case of my “ooh, what a cute skirt!” problem. I loved the colors and pattern, and it looked like the right size. I brought it home and tried it on, and didn’t love the fit. And then it sat for a while. When I came across it again, I saw its potential as a cute wintery floral purse!

I found a nice black woven belt with an interesting bamboo closure that adds just a little hint of tropical flavor

As you may have noticed, I’ve been on a skirt to purse kick recently. It’s such a simple method of refashioning as long as you use a skirt in a smaller size and a decent shape. Heck, even if you have to edit the shape a bit, it’s still super easy! So easy, in fact, that I took exactly zero pictures during my work. Let’s just skip right on to the good stuff, then.

floral skirt 3 floral skirt 7 floral skirt 6 floral skirt 5 floral skirt 4

Now, the only thing that maybe bugs me about keeping the skirt fully intact is that there are some raw strap ends on the inside. However, I made sure to sew them very securely, and I think the color blends in with the lining enough that it’s not too noticeable.


What do you think? Love the colors for winter?



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