Upcycling for a college girl

I have this super duper sweet co-worker named Mary. She’s one of those people who will do anything for anyone. She always has a smile on her face and an upbeat, happy personality, and she’s so fun to be around. She also has 3 gorgeous daughters, one of which went away to college this year. Though she’s really not that far away, I’m sure it feels like a million miles to her mama.


Anyway, Mary had asked me to keep an eye out for a UCF shirt when I was thrifting, so I could make a purse for her college girl. On my first attempt, no luck. Everything was football, basketball or specific event related, and I wanted to find something with just the name or college logo. On my second attempt, I scored!

UCF shirt, pre upcycling bohoECO


With every purse, I improvise the shape based on the specific material used. That’s part of the creative challenge of upcycling! Here’s a shot of the newspaper pattern I made and used with this particular project:

UCF shirt, mid-process with pattern bohoECO

And all the pieces:

UCF upcycled tshirt purse pieces bohoECO

Mary asked that I make the strap extra long, so her daughter could wear this purse across the body. That was another fun challenge! I wanted to do a decorative stitch along the edges of the strap in gold, to coordinate with the logo and school colors. However, my machine was being a pain in the you-know-what so it took me a long time to get it right. Overall, I think it turned out really cute! Here’s the inside, with shirt sleeve pockets:

UCF upcycled tshirt purse inside bohoECO

And the completed purse:

UCF Knights upcycled tshirt purse by bohoECO

I finished this one with a tie-closure, for a different look. Might use this more often, as it’s MUCH easier than dealing with magnetic snaps :)

I’m hoping Mary’s daughter will send a pic with the purse, and if she does I’ll post it on the bohoECO Facebook page!

5 thoughts on “Upcycling for a college girl

  1. Megan´╗┐ you are too sweet… You know I got teary with your super kind comments about me!! I loved your pretty words, eloquent description, and amazing talent. Rachel will treasure her UCF “one of a kind” eco bag always; and mama will borrow it too:) You are awesome girl! #1fan´╗┐

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