upcycled wind chime by bohoeco

Upcycled silverware wind chime

If you’re a fan of bohoECO on Facebook, you may have seen this photo of my favorite upcycled bracelet:

fork bracelet

Can you tell what it’s made from? My grandma had given my mom some old silverware and she thought I’d be able to make something from it. Well, I’ll admit I’m not quite talented (or strong!) enough to make something quite this pretty out of a fork, so I sent it to this Etsy seller and he did a super amazing job!

My mom recently sent an unmatched set of 2 each, forks, knives, and spoons. So of course I had to think of something crafty to use them. I decided that they’d make a great upcycled silverware windchime!

My hubby helped by drilling holes in the handles.



Here are all the pieces:

image2 image3

Check out those nicely-drilled holes :)

I wanted to make sure my wind chime had some pretty sparkle, so I added bead detail to the handles:

image4 image5

Then I worked with some clear jewelry cord (sort of like fishing line, but more delicate). Added the cord to each piece:


My next step was to figure out a way to keep the utensils from bunching together when they were hung. They need some space so they can clank together! Here’s something I had on hand:


And here’s how I threaded the cord, then put all the cording through the bottom of a teensy terra cotta pot:


Once I had all the cording threaded, I had to make a loop from which to hang this lovely piece of art. I also added some super glue to the knot, since I didn’t want it to slip.


And once the glue was dried, it was time to find a spot outside!


Looks pretty nice with the color of our house. We had a lot of wind the past weekend and it sounded just lovely! So, thanks Grandma! We love our new wind chime!



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