unity summertime purse

Unity – my new summertime purse

This is going to be a quick one because, well, I had lots of amazing ideas for this purse and then once I finally made my decision, I just wanted it to be done so I could use it!


Here’s how it started, just a plain, natural colored cotton tshirt with one word on the front:

unity 1

Before I start cutting into my materials, sometimes I sketch out ideas. And sometimes I do a little origami with everything, to see how it would look. Here are a couple concepts:

unity 2

unity 3

Then I completely changed my mind, and went in a patchwork direction instead, using some old jeans, plus bits and pieces of other materials. Here’s how it turned out!

unity 4

unity 5

I used one of the back pockets from the jeans, for an inside pocket.

unity 8

The strap is a woven belt, made of a lightweight cotton in natural colors.

unity 7

And one of my buttons with a loop of tshirt yarn as closure.

unity 6

Do you use different purses or bags during different seasons? I tend to keep the same purse for about a year but sometimes switch it out depending on my mood or how much stuff I need to tote that day. This one is too small for a diaper and wipes so I can’t use it all the time but I look forward to getting some use out of this summertime purse soon!

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