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Two Become One – a random refashion

Part One:

I’m not into skinny jeans, and honestly I never really have been. I remember several years ago, trying to get into a pair and I couldn’t get my size 10 feet through the bottom holes. I gave up. Two years ago, when I came across a pair of skinny Levi’s in a fun teal green that I somehow was able to squeeze my feet through, I was pretty excited! I wore them several times and they looked pretty good, but I just wasn’t in love with them. I kept them in the closet (just in case?) but, unlike my other jeans, I never found occasion to wear them again. Sigh.

jeans dress skirt4 jeans dress skirt5


Part Two:

On a recent shopping trip, I was browsing through clearance racks and came across this dress. I just loved the pattern and the colors, but that strapless ruched top…ugh! The reason it was on the clearance rack was that some of the elastic was coming undone from the top, making it pretty unwearable as a dress. So I snapped it right up, thinking I’d just put a waistband on it or maybe even just an elastic waist, and make it into a fun skirt.

jeans dress skirt1 jeans dress skirt2 jeans dress skirt3

And then I remembered pinning THIS a while back, and went digging through my closet for those skinny jeans!


Part One plus Part Two:

First step to this refashion was cutting the legs off the jeans. I wanted to keep the back pockets, so I made sure to leave enough room to sew underneath them.

jeans dress skirt6

Then I took my trusty straight-edge and cut a nice clean line across.

jeans dress skirt7

I chopped the ruched part off the top of the dress.

jeans dress skirt8

In order to get a feel for the overall look, I pinned the skirt to the denim so I could try it on.

jeans dress skirt9

Then, I remembered why I have such a hard time finding jeans that look right on my butt. Do you see that weird bump in the seam? What’s up with that?

jeans dress skirt10 jeans dress skirt11

Now do you see it? Haha!

Well, the only way to fix that situation is to remove it! I cut around the pockets, pinned and tried it on again.

jeans dress skirt12

Much better!

After a couple runs with purple thread and the zig-zag mode on my sewing machine:

jeans dress skirt13

Then I did some trimming:

jeans dress skirt14

And voila! A weird, but kinda cute, refashioned skirt!

jeans dress skirt15 jeans dress skirt16 jeans dress skirt17 jeans dress skirt19 jeans dress skirt18

I won’t tell you how many photos I took trying to get a good one of the entire back of the skirt but I think I finally figured it out!

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s been more than a week since my last post. I promise I’ve been working on projects, just have not had time to post everything. But be sure to subscribe via email and you’ll never miss a post!

Let me know what you think about this skirt in the comments below :)


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