sleeve purse 2

Tshirt sleeve projects – part two

Remember all these tshirt sleeves?

tshirt sleeves

Here was my first sleeve project:

ombre clutch 4

ombre clutch 5

And for my second project, something a bit smaller…

In pieces:

sleeve purse 1

The triple layer is for the outside, and the double for the lining. I found a nice seam from a pair of jeans, just the right size for this simple itsy bitsy sleeve purse. I almost want to call it a pocket purse since it’s just about the same size as a pocket. Here it is!

sleeve purse 3

It closes with a vintage button which I believe is made from leather.

sleeve purse 4

sleeve purse 5

This would be really cute for a girl or as just a teensy adult purse as long as all you need is a couple bucks, lipstick, keys, and your ID. Maybe for a concert or just a night out! Do you tend to carry a small, medium, or large purse?

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