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Tshirt sleeve projects – part one

As I mentioned in this post, my mom sent me some bits and pieces of leftover tshirts from a quilt she made. I pulled out all the tshirt sleeves she sent and lined a few up with coordinating colors.

ombre clutch 1

I thought those blues, from light to dark, would be great as a big clutch. I also still had some pieces of jeans left, so I thought that would work well for the other side of the clutch.

ombre clutch 2

Lining up the sleeves was tricky, since none of the edges were perfectly straight, but I did my best:

ombre clutch 3

And of course, when sewing through tshirt material onto another fabric that’s not stretchy, you’re always going to get some wrinkles and crinkles. I think it looks all right though!

ombre clutch 4

ombre clutch 5

ombre clutch 6

ombre clutch 7

I didn’t put any closure on this one but I think I might add a tie to it. Should I use blue or a different color? Help me decide!! :)

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