too-small t-shirt refashion

Too-small T-shirt to Just-right Tank

Ooooh, you know that feeling when you’re trying to squeeze into a too-small t-shirt? It’s the worst, right? It barely fits over your shoulders, it’s too tight across the chest, the sleeves are digging into your armpits…I could go on, but I’d rather show you what I did with one of mine, to make it wearable.


I’ve seen so many DIYs for making too-big t-shirts smaller, but not many for making something larger. So I had to do my own DIY!


Here’s the shirt (which I got from friends, and I absolutely ADORE!) I hadn’t tried it on till now, because I just knew by looking at it, yeah, probably not gonna work.

too-small t-shirt refashion

And here was my plan for the shirt.

too-small t-shirt refashion

I thought keeping the collar would give it an interesting look, and that adding some panels to the sides would give me enough room to breathe.

I pulled out some coordinating (rasta!) leftover tshirt sleeves, and stitched ‘em together for the side panels.

image3 image4

After trimming the sleeves off the shirt, I sliced up the sides to just under the armpit, then inserted a triangular panel of the red/yellow/green, sewed it in, and voila…cute refashioned shirt!

too-small t-shirt refashion

Do you have any shirts that just don’t fit quite right? Don’t toss ‘em, refashion them! Or, I’m happy to create a custom bag or purse out of the material for you. Contact me here :)

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