Curtain-to-purse, step-by-step

I haven’t done a step by step in a while so here’s one for ya!

Back before the baby was born, our second bedroom was just a spare room. Mostly, I used it for craft and sewing supplies and to store stuff. When we painted, we decided on a nice light grayish blue and then of course I had to find a material to make curtains. And because I love shopping, I enjoyed that challenge but man, curtains are expensive! Even if you make them yourself, just the fabric can cost more than $50 per window.

So you wanna know the first place I look for curtain materials? It’s not the window covering department, but the table linen department! Seriously, when you can spend $20 for a huge heavyweight rectangular tablecloth, there’s enough material to make two panels with some to spare. No way are you going to find a decent quality material at that price. Well, there’s probably a way, I just don’t like to spend that much time and effort. Haha!

When we redid the room for the baby, I gave the curtain panels away to a friend. But I still had some leftover end pieces. I just love this pattern! The dark chocolate brown, the white and the gray blue are such a lovely, timeless combination.

20140118-173322.jpg The other material pictured is what I used for the lining. Just a “fat quarter” I picked up many months ago, in hopes that it would find a good home inside a cute bag.

I carefully lined up the pattern for the front and back and then cut my pieces. I generally use newspaper and just freehand the pattern, and that’s exactly how I got the shape for this bag.

A small piece of curtain worked nicely for the inside pocket. I ironed the edges in preparation of sewing the pocket to the lining.

And then I pinned it down and sewed it up.


Next step was putting small darts on the bottom of the outer material. Pinned it, sewed it, then sewed around the bottom and sides of both the lining and the outer.


While I didn’t take pics of the strap, it was a simple process. Take two long pieces, right sides together. Sew along both edges, leaving the ends open. Turn outside back out, and sew along both edges again to finish it.

Next step for the body of the bag was to turn the lining so the “good” side faced out, and insert it into the outer part, which was still inside out. So all the “good” sides were facing each other.

And then I pinned the top edges together.

Next, I sewed along the top edge, leaving the corners open, so I could push the entire thing through and turn it all right side out.


And here’s the magnetic snap:

Which I installed at the center of each of the sides of the lining:

I pushed the lining into the outer part, and pinned along the top edge of the purse, sticking the strap ends into each of the corners, and folding down those edges do I could do one continuous length of stitching all along the top edge.

And once that was done, this lovely was complete! Of course I had to wait till the next day to get a couple pics outside. The indoor night time lighting just wasn’t cutting it.




She will be for sale soon!

If you have leftover scraps, clothing you don’t (or can’t) wear but just can’t bear to get rid of, and you’d like to see it made into something fun and new, give me a shout. I’d love to see what I can do!

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