today’s thrift store fabric finds and stain situations

I spent about an hour and a half combing through almost all the racks at my favorite thrift store and found a selection of lovely materials for my new line of bags. Check it out!

from my trip to the thrift store
fabrics from my trip to the thrift store
from my trip to the thift store
here's another selection

I also recently bought a bunch of unfinished wooden purse handles so I could use them for some of the bags. Now, I like the unfinished look but I don’t want them all to look exactly the same so I’m trying my hand at staining. However, I’m not just using any old flammable, toxic stain. I wanted to be easy on the earth, so I’m staining with natural materials.

We don’t go through too much coffee at home, but my office is a different story! I brought home one day’s worth of spent coffee grounds from work, mixed a little water in, and after 3 coats, I think the result is pretty cool.

for boho ECO bags
unfinished and cofee-stained purse handles

Since I don’t want all my purse handles to be brown and unfinished, I grabbed another ‘leftover’ out of our fridge. Can you guess what this stain is? If you were at my craft party on Friday, you might know.

for boho ECO bags
yes, it's sangria!

My next mission is to find some kind of low or zero-VOC sealer or polyurethane to put a nice finish on the handles. I tried Lowe’s and Ace with no luck. Without any “green” building supply stores around here, I may have to order it online.

And if anyone has any suggestions for other natural stains, please let me know in the comments!

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