The earth has a fever…

Now that Earth Day has gone from one day to a whole month, it’s only a matter of time before every day is Earth Day.

Here are a few fun recycling facts I found:

-Aluminum cans are the most recycled beverage container.
-Recycling just one aluminum can saves enough electricity to run a tv for 2 hours.
-Glass never loses quality when recycled, unlike other materials like paper.
-Almost 22% of the glass produced in the US is recycled.
-You can save trees by opting out of receiving a paper phone book! Click here.

I have had this fabulous shirt on hand for more than a year, and it seemed like the perfect time to put it to use.


Here’s a wider angle- you can see some pieces of floral material, from a skirt (remember?) and the gray is just a leftover piece I had in my stash.


After working on this for a bit, I decided I wanted to add some button details. So I dug out my collection of vintage buttons and chose a few that went with the colors of my fabrics.

And, because i can never make up my mind, then I decided to rearrange the buttons. Here’s how they ended up:


The back:

The inside, featuring one pocket and a little patch made from the word “recycle” for the front of the shirt:


And a closer view of the buttons:


I really like how this turned out and might just keep it for myself!

Do you recycle? If you do, what’s the item you recycle most? We are probably tied between glass and paper at our house!

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