That’s fringe-tastic!

I’m happy to announce that I’m having too much fun on Pinterest :) …I had to create an account for bohoECO there to pin not only my stuff but also upcycled accessories, nature inspired crafts and home dec ideas, project inspiration, and other fun stuff. Check it out!

If you take a look at my inspiration board, you’ll see some funky fringe. That’s where I got the idea for the look of this project! And, while I forgot to take a pic of the shirt in its entirety, I did remember to take one after I cut it:


It’s actually kinda cool- you can see all the pieces before I separate the useful from the (small bit) of waste. In fact, I need to look up some uses for those little extra bits. I’m sure there’s something I can do with them!

I thought some leftover flannel would be cute for the lining and the underside of the strap. Here are all my pieces:


And the final assembled purse, pre-fringe:


And then I made cuts at 1″ intervals to make the fringe:


To make the fringe curl up on itself, you have to pull on it a bit. Nothing tricky! Here are a few more glamour shots:




Even though I really like this one, it will be for sale soon on my etsy store. And I already have another fringe project in mind for one of the tshirts I recently found while thrifting :D

Update: this one is for sale now!

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