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Team tshirt necklaces

Sometimes on the weekends, I take advantage of nap time by actually taking a nap and doing nothing for an hour. Sometimes, I take my sewing machine into the bedroom and set up my big portable table, and work on some sewing. And sometimes, like this time, I just chose a quiet craft for nap time.

While cleaning and rearranging recently, I came across some tshirt pieces from a tshirt quilt my mom had made. She kept the sleeves and big flat plain-colored pieces to send to me, and while I had used some of the sleeves (see here and here!) I hadn’t had any ideas for the flat pieces. Until now!

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I sliced several of them into strips, and since they were all conveniently just about equal length, I thought I’d make some necklaces!

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I stacked some coordinating colors together, securing with a clothespin, and did a blanket stitch with some embroidery thread back and forth along the ends.

superbowl necklaces6

Then, I randomly threaded on some natural wood beads.

Stitched up the other ends after I did some trimming to make everything even.

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And then pulled a cute button from my vintage stash to finish it off. I had originally made a loop of embroidery floss to secure the button, but without stretch it was somewhat hard to maneuver so I switched it for some white round elastic, stitched onto the other end of the necklace.

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Turns out, the color scheme I used was pretty similar to the Seattle Seahawks, who just HAPPENED to be playing in some sort of big football game that was on TV recently.

And because I’m a good sport (get it?), and I like to play fair (do you get it?) I also created a second necklace using colors from the New England Patriots – the other football team.

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After that, I put them head to head in a vote on my Facebook page. My husband pulled names from a bowl to help me choose the winners and two of my Facebook fans ended up with a free, upcycled, handmade, totally-one-of-a-kind necklace!

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If you’d like to see something in your team colors, shout ‘em out! I can create a team tshirt necklace just for you, to help you show your team pride. I have lots of random bits and pieces, and many colors that I can work with :) Contact me!

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