Something a bit more local

This great find was something I grabbed when I was buying numbers to make my most recent batch of 311 team purses. It had a number one on the back so of course I snatched it up. It really wasn’t till I got home that I looked at the front…and when I did I knew I had to put the rest of the shirt to use!

I apologize for the lighting…sometimes I need to work at night after the babe is sleeping.

I thought the leftovers from another project would make a cute coordinated lining, and I knew I wanted to make this one in the shape of the shield, to mimic the shield of the Dunedin Stirling Soccer Club logo. Here are all my pieces:

And once I was able to make some noise with my sewing machine, here’s what happened! These colors are much more accurate- the blue really is bright!




I used both sleeves for pockets in the inside and added some dark gray tshirt yarn to tie it closed. This is cool for any soccer lover, Dunedin lover, or anyone that just likes a regal looking shield. It will be listed soon on etsy!

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