upcycled sunglasses case by bohoECO

A soft, upcycled sunglasses case

I’ve never spent more than $25 on a pair of sunglasses for myself. What’s funny is that I can keep a pair of cheap sunglasses for almost a year before I get sick of them, or I’ll find a new pair that I have to own. Generally, I don’t care much whether my lenses get a few scratches on them because, hey, they were probably only $15 to begin with. But I realized that tossing them in my purse with all the other stuff I carry isn’t always the best way to go. So, I grabbed some scraps and planned out an upcycled sunglasses case!

upcycled sunglasses case

That white material is a soft stretchy terrycloth that I had from something who-knows-how-long-ago, and the red with stripes is left over from this project. Figured I may as well match my case to my purse!

This is such an easy project. All you need is two rectangles each of the outer and lining materials, plus about 2 feet of ribbon, or yarn, or even a couple of shoelaces. Lay out your shades on the material and add about an inch on the sides and bottom, and about 1 1/2 inches on the top to get the basic size for your pieces.

Put the two outer pieces right sides together, and on each side make a small mark about an inch from the top.  Sew along the sides and the bottom, being careful not to sew past those marks. For the lining part, no need for the marks, just go ahead and sew all the way up to the top edge with the right sides together.


Then flip the outer pouch right side out and insert into the (still inside-out) lining pouch, matching up the top edges. Sew the outer to the inner along the top edges. Next up, you’ll need to flip everything right side out, through one of the gaps you left when sewing the outer materials.

upcycled sunglasses case

And then push the lining into the outer pouch.

upcycled sunglasses case

This next step is optional, but it will help your ties stay in place a bit better. Top stitch around the top edge of the pouch to create a little tunnel for whatever you’d like to use to cinch up the top of the case.


The next step is threading your lacing materials through that little tunnel. You’ll start one string through one side, take it all the way around and back out the same side. Tie the ends together. Then, repeat with the other string, from the other side.

upcycled sunglasses case

You’re done! Stash your shades inside, pull your strings, and toss into your bag.

image6 image7


If you’re not much for DIY, I’m thinking about making some of these to put up in my etsy shop. Stay tuned!

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