311 knot bag by bohoECO

Sneak peek at a Christmas gift

Secret Santa is so fun but it can be a challenge – especially if you’ve never met the person you’re buying for! This year I was in an online Secret Santa gift exchange, along with a LOT of other amazing ladies in one of my favorite Facebook groups. And while I am not at liberty to discuss whether this particular gift was for my chosen giftee or for someone else’s, I still wanted to share it because I think it turned out rather cute!

The person it was for had mentioned that she likes 311 (duh, everyone’s favorite band around that group) and the colors pink and green. I had some of my Hive material, and some super awesome zebra-ish rose patterned material – all leftovers from other projects.

Here are all the pieces:



What about the green, you say? Here’s how I incorporated it:


Can you tell what it’s going to say? If you guessed “311” you are correct! Here’s what this unique bag looks like on the outside:


And the inside:


This is such a fun style! To use it, push the longer loop through the smaller loop, slip your hand through and go! It’s called a “Japanese Knot Bag” because I guess it looks like it’s knotted shut :)


Technically, this bag is also completely reversible, though I think the person that receives it will probably keep it this way to show off her love of her fave band!



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