Slinky love!

A couple years ago, I made some purses for two of my friends I met through our mutual favorite band (yes, this blog is sorta about 311 too) and one for myself, of course. They were so popular and I got a TON of compliments and a lot of “Where did you get that? I want one!”

So I posted a picture of them in a Facebook group (slinkies) and took a few requests. A couple days later, I was lucky enough to see that my favorite thrift shop had everything half off, and I stocked up on team shirts!

I also found some shirts with a logo that I saw “311” in so I grabbed those too. Here are all the cut outs:


And the “insides” of the team number purses:

The lighting is kinda bad on that picture because I was working on them late at night, after the babe went to bed. Who would have thought the sewing machine wouldn’t wake him? Certainly not me!

And here’s what the first three looked like when they were completed:





They turned out cute! And now I have to work on finding some more numbers for my second round of requests.

Stay tuned for next week to see what I did with those green 311s and a special request :)

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