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Showing Love for Pit Bulls

Remember my friend that asked me to make a Rasta Nebraska purse for her? Well, she just loved her new fun and funky bag, and apparently so did her cousin! So much that my friend asked if I could do something similar – the same color scheme but something that would show her love for pit bulls. Let me preface this by telling you that she asked me to do this in December. I got all excited and drew up an idea, and then bought an embroidery pattern and asked my mom to help. A couple days later, I had this in my hands:

pit bull love 1

And then, it was Christmas, then New Year’s, then Valentine’s Day, then it was March. I wasn’t under any time constraints, so I was really waiting for the right inspiration. Wait, I mean, I just really don’t like doing iron-on interfacing so I was putting it off because I knew this would be a lot of work. ;)

Once I finally made some time, I started on the bag. Here’s how it started, with a few hearts:

pit bull love 2 pit bull love 3 pit bull love 4

The awesome black t-shirt I used for the main part of the bag:

pit bull love 5

And here’s the part I was sort of dreading…all the pieces I had to interface:

pit bull love 6

But once that was done, this came together quickly! Here’s how it turned out:

pit bull love 7 pit bull love 8 pit bull love 9 pit bull love 10 pit bull love 11

I am very happy to take custom orders if you have an idea, a color scheme, or even if you’re hanging on to an old piece of material that you just don’t know what to do with! Of course, if you need something done in less than three months, I’ll make time :) Click the Contact link at the top of the page and give me a buzz!


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