I have wanted to use this cute pillow sham for months and couldn’t decide on the best shape in order to get a good amount of the pattern. I am in love with the color combo and the fab poppies, and I knew the back was the perfect coordinating material for the purse lining.

I wanted to do another hobo style bag, this time without a separate bottom piece (easier for sure!) here’s a pic of a few pieces, including the interior pockets:

And once I had done some sewing, I closed up the bottom and squared off the corners so at the bag would have a flat bottom. Here’s what it looked like before I turned it all outside-out:

And the final purse:





It closes with a big black button from my vintage stash and a loop of tshirt yarn. I’m pretty close to keeping this one for myself…but if you’re lucky I might post it up on etsy soon!

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