Reusing bits and pieces

Each time I make something out of something else, I save my scraps. After all, what’s the point of upcycling if you’re still wasting materials?

You may remember my recent patchwork project using a floral skirt. I loved the colors and since I had a LOT of skirt remaining, I was able to get two more purses out of it (and I still have a decent amount of material left!)

Here are the pieces I used for the first of two:

Do you recognize that belt from a few weeks ago? Leftovers- use em!

This is a super simple clutch that I wanted to dress up a bit with a buckle, to make it a little more interesting. The interior is green tshirt- more leftovers from this project!






Super simple, super cute, and made entirely from leftovers! Stay tuned for next week’s project featuring this same material in a different design.

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