rasta nebraska purse by @bohoeco

Rasta Nebraska

I have a friend from Nebraska. She likes reggae music. When she saw my Rasta collection, she asked me to make her a bag that included Rasta and Nebraska. Rasta Nebraska…interesting combination! After thinking about it for a while, here are all the things I grabbed:

rasta nebraska 1

I thought about doing letters for Nebraska, or different patterns on the bag, but my friend liked the idea of the Rasta colored stripes and the state outline, on a black background. Sweet!

rasta nebraska 2

I had saved all the hems from the tshirts when I was cutting them for my yarn, which made for a funky braided strap:

rasta nebraska 3

And of course, I ran out of black thread mid-project. But a little improvisation and some white thread actually made this applique stand out even more!

rasta nebraska 4

Once everything was all done, I took this baby outside for the glamorous photo shoot (on our neighbor’s fence, of course :) )

rasta nebraska 5 rasta nebraska 6 rasta nebraska 7 rasta nebraska 8 rasta nebraska 9

OOH, I just love how this turned out! The strap is nice and long so she can wear it cross-body, and the Nebraska outline is vague enough that unless you really know Nebraska, you might not even realize that’s what it is.

I’d love to create a similar purse with YOUR state, YOUR team colors, whatever! Drop me a line and let me know your ideas!!

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