upcycled fabric headband by bohoECO

Quick, simple upcycled fabric headband

This project is my first try at making a simple upcycled fabric headband. A prototype, if you will…

I made a pattern out of newspaper and grabbed some scraps, cutting two identical pieces of material for the main part of the headband. The pieces are wider in the center, and taper off at the ends.

upcycled fabric headband

I put the two pieces right sides together, and sewed along the long sides, leaving the ends open. Then, I turned the tube right side out and top stitched along the long sides. I did a bit of testing at this point, to see where the ends hit on my head, and to determine how long I’d need for my tails…the parts that tie behind the head. I cut some tshirt yarn to length, and turned the ends of the tube inside, then inserted the tshirt yarn and sewed along the ends to finish it off.

IMG_2910 IMG_2911 IMG_2912

I see a lot more of these simple upcycled fabric headbands in my near future. This was a spectacular way to use up scraps, and I think they’d look super cute with some fabric flowers, buttons, the ideas are endless!!


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