Eat at Sylvia’s upcycled tshirt purse


A work shirt transformed into a quirky upcycled tshirt purse

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I don’t normally stop for a “work shirt” when thrifting but something about Sylvia clicked with me. She had a peg leg and was dressed like a pirate. Why? I had to learn more! (Check out the blog link below if you’re curious…the place is still in business!)

This purse is made from an upcycled tshirt, The front has a great print featuring Sylvia with a HUGE sub, a pizza and a salad. The back is the back of the shirt, with the address and phone number. Inside of the purse is made from the same blue shirt, and two pockets are from the shirt sleeves.

It closes with green tshirt yarn and features a nice long wide comfy strap.

Here’s the blog about Sylvia – you can see what the shirt looked like before I chopped ‘er up!

Eat at Sylvia’s!


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