pillowcase purse

Amongst my killer thrift store scores was a really hip pair of pillowcases. Let’s make them into a bag!

step one- 70’s pillowcase and handles

It starts as just a plain old (awesomely patterned) 70’s pillowcase, some cotton lining, and wood handles…

First thing to do is turn it inside out and cut the seams off.

Because I want the pattern to be right side up on both sides, I open it up flat, and cut through the fold that used to be the long side of the pillow.





step two- cutting the fabrics

Next, I put the right sides together, layer my lining fabric on top, and top with my lovely hand-sketched pattern made out of a grocery store ad.

I pin all the layers together and cut.






step three- layout of pockets

Since this is a rather large bag, it needs some pockets.

The edges of the pillowcase are already hemmed so I’ll use those. One big pocket is on one side and two smaller pockets are on the other side.









step 4- pockets sewn, lining sewn together

I’ll hem the edges of the pockets, then sew them to the lining. I added some stitches right down the middle of all the pockets, to make them a bit smaller.

Next I’ll put the right sides of the lining (the sides with pockets) together, and sew along the rounded edge, all the way up to the top corners of the bag.

I’ve turned the lining inside out, so you can see how the finished pockets look.





step 5- big pocket sewn in

Here’s a view of the other side of the lining, with the big pockets.

step 6- magnetic snap installed

I don’t want all the owner’s stuff to spill out of this lovely bag, so let’s put a magnetic snap on there!







step 7- outsides sewn together

Now it’s time to work on the outside. I’ll put the right sides together and sew around the rounded edges- same as how I sewed the lining.

That’s it! Who knew the outside would be easier than the inside?







step 8- outsides in the insides

Here’s a tricky part that I had to really think about for a few minutes before trying.

The outside has to be inside out and the inside has to be inside out, and then the outside put inside the inside. The pocket-ed sides of the lining should be facing the right sides of the outside.

Confused? Check out the pic. If it’s right, you can see only wrong sides of fabric :)

Next step is to sew the lining to the outside, along the curved edges.



step 9- outside sewn to lining, flipped and topstitched

Now the fun part: flipping everything right-side-out. This is done by pulling it all through one of the still open corners.

Once I’ve got it all outside-out, I can tuck the lining into the outside and topstitch along the top edges. This helps enforce the seams and keep the insides inside.





step 10- handle sewn on

I’ll take a couple pieces of webbing and seal up the top corners while attaching the handle. Reinforcement is always nice here because this is the main stress point. So I’ll sew a square, through the outside, both layers of webbing, and the lining.







And once the handle is attached…ta da!

finished bag!
other side

This funky purse will be for sale on my etsy site as soon as I can get my shop up and running…stay tuned!


Edit: This one’s for sale right here!

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