nautical handbag by bohoECO

A nautical handbag, perfect for a day on your yacht

I love the navy, white, and orange color combo – that’s the main reason I snapped up this cute skirt at the thrift store. It wasn’t till I got home that I realized it appeared to be my mom’s size. So I gave her first dibs on it…but (even though I think it would have been pretty cute on her) she said she’s not a skirt person. Who knew? haha.

nautical handbag 1

The pattern has a sort of nautical look so before I even made my first cut, I looked into some ideas for the handles. I ended up at Home Depot in front of the rope, trying to figure out the right size/material that would work for a nautical handbag. And when the HD employee came over to help me cut it to length, he gave me a weird look when I said I was going to be using the rope for a purse. Guess I’m the first one…at that store at least!

nautical handbag 2

I had him cut a couple 2-foot lengths and he also melted the ends so they wouldn’t fray. Super helpful!!

I wanted to make the rope into loops, so I started with my hot glue gun.

nautical handbag 3

Melty, melty, smash together, and let it sit while I sewed the rest of the bag. Once the bag part was complete, I thought it needed a little sparkle.

nautical handbag 4

And here she is:

nautical handbag 5

nautical handbag 6

The inside is white tshirt, with a gold yellow tshirt pocket. Kinda hard to get a good shot, with the big heavy handles and only one hand…

nautical handbag 7

nautical handbag 8

If you’ll be doing any boating (or yachting…is that a word?) this summer, this handbag could be the perfect accessory! Look for it on my Etsy store soon.


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