love your life 5

Love your life

Stay positive and love your life.

– 311

Any time I’m shopping, whether at thrift stores or otherwise, I’m always on the lookout for items with “311 references.” That is, either the numbers, or anything lyrical. So far, in addition to the numbers, I’ve found Unity, Grassroots, and this shirt!

love your life 1

I bought it when I was pregnant and I could wear it with a tank top underneath but now that my baby is two, there’s not really any way I could wear this cropped shirt  without looking like a crazy person. Haha! Plus the cut is really weird, like it got all twisted when they sewed it together (maybe intentional? We may never know…)


If you remember from last week, I had red thread in my machine for the Bob tote and because I’m lazy, I sought out this shirt so I wouldn’t have to change the thread. Plus, I was able to use a few extra red parts from the Bob shirt for the interior.

In pieces, with the belt for a strap:

love your life 2

And all done:

love your life 3 love your life 4 love your life 5 love your life 6 love your life 7


I’m giving first dibs on this little beauty to some of my lady friends I’ve met through different 311 events, so it might be sold before this blog is posted…but if not, watch for it soon on my etsy store!

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