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Jamaican Me Crazy – a t-shirt refashion

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know a little about me. But did you know that RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT I’m on a cruise with 2,500 of my best friends and some of my favorite bands ever? You’re probably on dry land, and it’s likely really cold where you are so I’ll spare you most of the terrible details. It’s a short cruise to Jamaica and back. No big deal.

Before I left, I spent a little time at Goodwill. Can I just say, this is usually NOT my favorite thrift store. Some of the stuff is overpriced, and they even have “new” items, which is weird, right?

Well, this visit I actually stumbled across a good score for only $2:

jamaica shirt 1

It’s like the thrift store gods KNEW I was going to Jamaica! Unfortunately, just slightly too-big men’s cut t-shirts aren’t exactly flattering. So I took out my trusty scissors and went to work on this t-shirt refashion:

jamaica shirt 2 jamaica shirt 3

I didn’t want to cut the neckline too much, because I had something a little sparkly in mind for right above the JAMAICA. So after doing the first round of cutting, I had to try on the shirt:

jamaica shirt 4

Ugh. Big weird arm hole. Not cool. A few tucks and pins later:

jamaica shirt 5

A small bit of advice – if you’re doing this yourself it might be a good idea to use safety pins instead of straight pins. I had to be SUPER careful not to stab my beautiful armpits as I took this off. Ha!

I used some yellow embroidery thread to stitch up the armpit situation, and added some green ties to help the tank fit a bit better.

jamaica shirt 7

As you may have noticed, I was trying not to use my sewing machine. Otherwise I probably would have just stitched up the sides of the tank to make the fit work.

And finally, I added some iron-on sparkly bling to girly this up a bit more!

jamaica shirt 8

I’m probably wearing this shirt right now IN Jamaica!

jamaica shirt 6

Have you ever been to Jamaica? This is my first time so I’m super excited! Catch you all when we get home!

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