San Antonio Missions upcycled tshirt purse

I’m on a San Antonio Mission

When I thrift, I love to look at each and every shirt on each and every rack. However, on the latest outing I had the lil dude along and he is only so patient. I did manage to find a ton more stuff than what I was actually looking for, including this cool vintage San Antonio Missions tshirt.



After doing a little Wikipedia research, I learned that the Missions are the farm team for the San Diego Padres. The team was founded in 1888 and has been known as a lot of different names since then. The logo features The Alamo and their mascot is BallapeƱo - a baseball-playing jalapeƱo.

Anyway…here are all the pieces:


And here’s the final purse. It’s a bigger size, with two pockets inside and a wide strap.




Perfect for a day at the ballpark, no? It will be for sale soon at my etsy store! Great news! This super fab purse is now for sale on etsy!

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