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IKEA napkin to handbag refashion

IKEA. Man, that place is crazy. But my favorite part of that store is the scratch-and-dent section. That’s where you can get a sweet deal on a pillowcase, or a random piece of furniture, or a mismatched set of lamps, all marked down super low because they were display pieces. They have big huge bins of slipcovers, bedding, towels, and other miscellaneous materials that I just LOVE to go digging through these bins for treasures, and on a recent trip, I scored this single funky cloth napkin:

napkin handbag 1


I wanted to go with a different shape so after some folding and squinting, I decided on a baseball home plate shape, which I thought would be kind of cool with a single wood handle. The material is pretty hefty so it didn’t really need a lining, but as I do like to have at least one pocket in every purse, I snipped off a pocket from a pair of jeans and stitched it in there.

napkin handbag 2


And after a super short cycle through the ol’ sewing machine, here’s the final handbag!

napkin handbag 3 napkin handbag 4 napkin handbag 5


The opening at the top is not too large, as I decided to sew through all the layers when I attached the handle. Totally intentional, I assure you, so that I didn’t have to add any kind of closure. When you hold the handle, the bag is flat enough that it stays closed on its own. And I finished off the top edges with some adorable ribbon printed with teensy trees. See? Awwww…

napkin handbag 6


What do you think? Have you found any good scores at IKEA recently?

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