I must be crazy

First of all, I would like to thank my lovely coworker Heidi for providing the cutest little dinosaur costume for Mr. Peanut. He loves dinosaurs and it was awesome that I didn’t have to craft a costume for him. However, I didn’t have anything to wear for our company’s costume contest!

I thought about trying my hand at an owl or bird costume, but decided to go in this direction instead, since I had a ton of felt already. And by the way, this decision was made the weekend before Halloween, so I had a lot of work to do in a very little time.

Here are some of my supplies. The before, if you will:


And the final costume, with cute dinosaur sidekick of course:




While I didn’t win the contest this year, I placed 3rd…not too shabby!

I also entered the Trick-or-Treat Bag contest, and placed 3rd with my “Butterfly Food” entry.


Pretty sure I’ll be reusing the flowers for a purse in the future. I think they turned out super cute!

Did you craft anything special for Halloween this year? Tell me I’m not the only crazy one!

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