i like recycled glass

We drink a lot of beer in our house, and we almost exclusively buy bottled. It just tastes better, right?

Of course, the city doesn’t take glass with our curbside recycling, so every couple weeks we have to load up all the bottles in the car and drive them down to the south side of the city to a drop-off recycling center.

I always wondered what they do with all the glass they collect. I suppose it gets shipped somewhere far away, cleaned out, separated by color, smashed up, melted down, and turned into a new window, glass, bottle, light bulb, or made into something like this (which, by the way, I would LOVE to put somewhere around the house).

But I found a more fashionable use for recycled glass…beads, of course!

a necklace I made
green and brown recycled glass bead necklace with wood in between

This necklace is currently for sale at my etsy shop, here!

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