Megan painting

Handpainted beads and upcycled accessories

Now that the holidays are over and I’m back home, the blog is back up. I need to get moving with some new projects! Here’s something from a little while back:

A couple months ago, some of the ladies and I went to paint pottery. They have SO MANY items for painting, it’s tough to choose what to do. But if I can’t decide what to paint, my go-to is pendants and beads. So this time, I chose 4 large beads and used white, shades of gray, and black paint.

Here’s a pic of me with my freshly-painted beads (using a super smart technique I learned from the lovely people at Art From the Heart Cafe – put the beads onto the ends of paint brushes for easy maneuvering).

Megan painting

And several weeks later, once I remembered that I wanted to use the beads to make a few Christmas gifts, I went back to pick them up.

Here’s what I crafted using the beads and upcycled tshirt material!


One for one sis-in-law:


One for my other sis-in-law:


A couple items that will be up for sale soon on Etsy (necklace and bracelet):

image_9 image_10

And, of course, one for me!


I love using the upcycled tshirt for bracelets like these. It’s just stretchy enough that the bracelet is a little flexible, so they can fit almost any wrist size. They’re bulky but super lightweight. And they’re perfect for layering with other bangles!

I will update this post with links to those two items that will be for sale, once I have a few spare minutes. Happy New Year!!

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