Grandma and Grandpa’s vintage tablecloth

So, my mom has been holding onto this cute floral tablecloth for who-knows-how-long. It belonged to my grandma and grandpa. Perfectly vintage but with a few stains that are likely 10+ years older than me. She thought I’d be able to make something out of it so she sent it all the way from Michigan. Thanks, mom!



I’m sure the print was much brighter, probably more like a bold red and white, but the colors have faded over time and many washings. I thought it would make a lovely springy skirt because of the current palette, so I found an a-line skirt in my closet to use for a template.


Because I am not too fond of zippers, and I didn’t want this project to take up my entire Saturday, I thought adding a “yoga-style” waistline would be a great time saver. Here’s the tshirt I decided to use for that part.



My first step, after cutting, was to hem the bottom. I did one pass, then decided to roll it up and do another to finish off the raw edge. Here are the two layers, outside and inside.


The next step was stitching along the sides. I tried it on at this point, to make sure it would fit over my hips. Luckily, it was perfect!

I then cut about 9″ off the bottom of the brown tshirt, so I could use the already-lovely hemline, and matched it up to the top edge of the skirt.

After cutting the tshirt a quarter inch wider than the top of the skirt, I sewed along that side, to make it into a tube. Then I marked the center of the back of the skirt and matched up the seam on the tube, and pinned the tube to the skirt, both with “right” sides facing out. This is so I’ll be able to fold the top of the tube down over the top edge of the skirt, for a finished look.

Stitch the edges together and ta-da!

Of course I had to try it on so I could send mom some photos:



Can’t wait for her to see what I’ve done with some of the remaining tablecloth. I’ll show you next week! ;) Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mamas out there!!

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