Fresh flowers

I’ve been holding onto a couple thrift store items in hopes of finding inspiration for them. Finally, it hit me! Here’s what I started with, two cute skirts with coordinating colors:



I also had some small pieces of denim and some orange upholstery fabric from many, many projects before. And I decided to go patchwork! Here are my 5″ squares:

And the lining pieces, made from the actual lining from the floral print skirt. I was going to use the dark green belt as a strap but as you’ll soon see, I abandoned that idea for something a little different:

And while the hubby was mowing our lawn (no, I’m not trying to be a jerk to all my friends and family in cold climates…the grass really was getting long…) I whipped up this cute little satchel:




The bottom actually sits flat, so I tried to get a better shot of that here:


The strap is a leftover part from another project, perfectly sized for this purse and I finished it off with some jute rope wrapped and tied. What do you think? I was going to do a more angular opening but I actually like the square-ish-ness! Hope to have this up for sale soon :)


This cute tote is for sale here!

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