bob tshirt 1

I found Bob again!

On my latest trip to the thrift store, I was in search of rasta colors for a few special projects. I had absolutely no problem there!

rasta tees

What I wasn’t expecting was to find this awesome Bob Marley tshirt. Another Bob score!

bob tshirt 1

I love the colors and the design, it’s nice and worn, and it’s a great heavy duty tshirt that will probably last forever. Only problem is…it’s humongous! I went to try it on, and was immediately tricked into giving it up to a 2-year-old. How did that happen?

bob tshirt 2

As you can see, it’s way too large for him and for me too. Time for a tshirt refashion!

bob tshirt 3

I did some research into changing a big huge tee into something more fitted, and came across this tutorial, which I mainly used for the cut lines.

Using a dinner plate, I cut out the neckline, and then measured around my hips and arms where the sleeves would hit, to get the correct angles for the seams.

bob tshirt 4

Sew and snip, turn it inside out, and done! Well, almost.

bob tshirt 5

I wore the shirt to the grocery store that day, and decided I wasn’t a fan of the super huge neckline. (Bra straps everywhere!) So I grabbed what I made out of a few of those rasta colored tshirts…

bob tshirt 6


And made myself a fun pattern on the back neckline:

bob tshirt 7

So much better, don’t you think?

bob tshirt 8

bob tshirt 9
It’s hard to take a backwards picture!

If you have a way-too-big tshirt that you love but you don’t wear because it’s a men’s cut, there are SO MANY ways to update it and make it more girly. Seriously. Do a quick Pinterest search for “tshirt refashion” and I guarantee you’ll find something cute in a split second! My advice is to do everything just a little “less” than your measurements – seams, cutting, etc. You can always make something smaller, but not bigger. Happy chopping!!

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