Flowers are fun

I am having entirely too much fun on Pinterest. I pinned this cute idea a while ago because I loved the bright colors and creative reuse of something that would be headed to the trash. I didn’t really intend on scavenging for hubcaps to make the project but one literally landed in my path!

See, in front of our house is a rather large storm drain. A few years ago the pipe underneath the road collapsed, and the city replaced it and paved over it. And because the entire state of Florida is basically a swamp, the asphalt “settled,” leaving a pretty sweet dip in the road. So now every time a semi hits it, or even worse – a pickup with an empty trailer – there’s a loud noise. Someday I will make a vine video to demonstrate how loud and annoying this is.

Anyway, I’d bet that dip is what caused a random hubcap to land in the neighbor’s yard. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity so I grabbed that sucker!

After cleaning it up, I started working with some spray paint. First, light blue. Then I did some taping so I could paint the center a darker blue:

And then it looked weird so I did some spray paint improv and ended up with this:

I painted a dowel green for the stem, added some yellow and orange detail, and zip-tied it all together.

Little dude was checking it out:

But I still felt like it was missing something. A leaf! I grabbed a random piece of plastic from the recycle bin and glued on some green felt. It needed some stability so I zip-tied a bamboo skewer to the back of the leaf and ta-da!

Looks cute against the fence but I think we need a few more so I’ll still be watching the sides of the road.

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