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Family Reunion Tote

Every year, around this time, my dad’s family has a reunion. I can’t remember the last time I went to one – probably 15 years ago? – but we always had a good time at the Lynch Family Reunion. To raise money for the next year’s reunion, there’s an auction. I remember one time I ended up with a hilariously ugly gold and black glass bead necklace…which I proudly wore many times throughout high school. I still have that necklace – maybe it’s time to break it out again!

Since we’re in Florida and the reunion is in Michigan, I wanted to send something to put into the auction. My mom recently made a really awesome tshirt quilt for a coworker’s daughter, and she kept some of the backs and pieces of the tshirts that she didn’t use in the quilt. Since the Lynch family is decidedly Irish, she applique’d an adorable shamrock with the family name, and sent that along with some green tshirt backs for me to use.

reunion tote 1

reunion tote 2

I took some time to create the design – mostly to make sure I had a good placement for the shamrock and that I had enough material for the tote bag. The lining is a heavy duty cotton, so it will be nice and sturdy. Here are the pieces:

reunion tote 3

And the final tote bag:


I used one of the tshirt necklines for the pocket on this one:


Turned out pretty cute…I hope it makes some $$$ in the auction!

Does your family do a reunion every year? What was the best part?

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