Eat at Sylvia’s!

I don’t usually stop for a “work shirt” while flipping through racks at the thrift store but several things stood out with this one. The Detroit area code…the giant pizza…and Sylvia herself.

Was there a reason this lady is dressed like a pirate, peg leg and all? Turns out, yes there is! Sylvia’s sounds like a true treasure in the metro Detroit area- one of those places that’s been around forever because they make great food with an authentic flair.

Anyway, I got to chopping:

At first, I wasn’t sure what I was going to use for the lining but there was just enough of the shirt left to get the lining pieces too. Perfect! The result:




The back:

And inside:


This gem will be available soon on my etsy store. And believe it or not, next week’s blog isn’t about a purse. Gotta change it up every once in a while ;)


Edit: Sylvia’s for sale right here!

2 thoughts on “Eat at Sylvia’s!

  1. I would love to know how this ended up in Florida. I grew up in Allen Park & ate at Sylvia’s frequently (it’s right by my grandparents’ house). It’s still a must stop for my out of town relatives when they visit. I may need to buy this for my Auntie Dee Dee :)

    1. Hi Michele – you’d probably be surprised at how many Michigan things I see in thrift stores around here! The Tampa Bay area is pretty popular for snowbirds, especially from Michigan, Ohio, and Canada. And being from Michigan myself, I’m always attracted to those hometown items. I just couldn’t pass on Sylvia! :)

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