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DIY camera strap cover, and bonus lens cap holder!

I love my Canon DSLR. It’s versatile, easy to use, shoots HD video, and is super lightweight. But I hate the strap that came with it. It’s too skinny for the size of the camera. There’s weird sticky stuff under part of it (I guess so it doesn’t slip off your neck? What the heck is the sticky for??) It’s just all around uncomfortable, and most importantly, it’s NOT CUTE.

I looked high and low for a DIY camera strap idea. There are lots of ideas out there. They’re made from fabrics, scarves, leather, belts, all sorts of other crazy stuff. I settled on just making a cover for mine – it’s a less permanent solution so I can change it up if the mood strikes (or if the outfit doesn’t match)!

So I started digging through my materials and came across some leftovers from this purse - one of my favorites that is still for sale!

camera strap 1

Next step was measuring the strap and cutting my materials. I added just a teensy bit more than one inch to the width, to account for a 1/2″ seam and 1/4″ top stitching along the edges when it’s finished, plus enough on each piece’s length for 1/4″seams to sew them together as well as about an inch extra on each of the ends.  Here are the pieces:

camera strap 2

And after sewing end-to-end:

camera strap 3

And while most people would press the seams open, I ran into two issues. 1. I am lazy. 2. My ironing board makes SO MUCH NOISE when I open/close it and the kiddo was napping. No way am I going to mess with that!

I finger-ironed and top stitched the seams flat. See how talented I am? Ha!

camera strap 4  camera strap 5

The next step was to fold over the ends and stitch, and then fold up and stitch again to create a nice clean look. And then I folded the entire thing in half, lengthwise, and stitched along the long side, trimming with pinking shears afterward.

camera strap 6 camera strap 7

Turn the entire thing outside out, and then run a 1/4″ topstitch along the sides, then pull the strap through and ta-da!

camera strap 8 camera strap 9

I was a bit worried that the cover would slip around if it was too big, but luckily it was super snug. This thing isn’t going anywhere!

The next part of my project was to make a lens cap holder. I’ve never had one, and always manage to lose lens caps, so I thought it might be a nice idea.

I decided on some heavy felt, which is made from recycled plastic. Found a bracelet with just the right circumference and cut out the two layers I needed.

camera strap 11

Made a couple marks on the back piece and cut so I could thread the strap through:

camera strap 12 camera strap 13

I cut a crescent shape out of the top piece of felt, zipped around the entire edge (doubling up along the edges of the “pocket”) and reinstalled on the strap to try it out!

camera strap 14 camera strap 15

Another tight fit, so my lens cap will be nice and safe!

And then I tried it all on so I could take a mirror selfie:

camera strap 16
Cute!! No, no, not me, the camera strap!

I might make a couple more strap covers – one for every day of the week!


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