dishes and denim upcycled purse by bohoeco

Dishes and Denim…a 30 minute transformation!

Normally, I spend about one to two hours on each of my purses. This is from start to finish, and includes photography time. But in a drastic turn, this week’s project was QUICK and SO EASY! I’d say it was closer to a 30 minute project. That’s what happens when you have simple, ready to rock materials, straight lines, and no ironing necessary.

dishes and denim 1

I started with a lovely Madras plaid dish towel, and a piece of cutoff jeans.


Using the hemmed edge of the jeans, I cut a couple squares for my pockets.

dishes and denim 2

The rest of the denim, I sliced into strips, sewed ends together, and then folded in half to make the strap.

dishes and denim 3

After sewing the pockets in, using a matching thread for the outside (so it blends!), I folded the towel in half and zipped up along the sides. Next up was sewing the strap on each side. Then I had this sweet little loop to use for closure. Pre-built, ready to go!

dishes and denim 4

Found a nice vintage button in just the perfect size and sewed it on by hand.

dishes and denim 5

Ta-da! Literally 30 minutes from start to finish, and totally cute if I do say so myself :)

dishes and denim 6 dishes and denim 8 dishes and denim 9 dishes and denim 10 dishes and denim 11

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