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The Crafty Bridesmaid – Wedding Edition

Can I be honest? I dislike buying gifts off a registry. I know, they make perfect sense if you know nothing about the bride and groom, or what people need, or their tastes. I get it. But the whole thing is just so impersonal. I also understand that not everyone can whip up a fun and personal gift but luckily I have a few skills and can find my way around a craft store ;)

Here are a few supplies I gathered. Can you tell what I’m making?

wedding wreath 1

If you guessed wreath, you’re right! My friend and her soon-to-be hubby will be moving out of state after their wedding so I thought this might be a nice wedding/housewarming gift wrapped into one.

I started by painting the B with some coordinating acrylic paint.

wedding wreath 3

Then I did a little burlapping.

wedding wreath 4

I layered on the grasses and super pretty purple flowers, weaving them into the wreath and tying them on with yarn.

wedding wreath 5

Here’s what it looks like “in progress”:

wedding wreath 6

And before you ask, no I did not leave that B just plain painted0.*-. I wrapped it up all nice with the coordinating green yarn. That part probably took the longest!

Here’s the final product:

wedding wreath 8 wedding wreath 9 wedding wreath 10

I just love the colors, the big bold flowers, and of course, the fact that it’s a super great handmade gift. I’m sure my friend and her hubby will love it and I can’t wait to see a pic of it on their new door. Cheers!!

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