Florida Gators purse by bohoECO

Chomp, chomp…you’re in Gator Country!

Safe to say I know absolutely NOTHING about college football. When I was in college, the closest I got to a football game was the 8am tailgate in the parking lot. I’m just not a football person…which makes me a minority around here. People in Florida are nutso for their college teams and they like to show their college pride on their shirts, blankets, shorts, cornhole boards, flip flops, swimsuits, golf clubs, flags, sweatpants, pillows, license plates…well pretty much everywhere!

So when a friend asked me to make a Florida Gators purse for a friend of hers, I was not at all surprised. First I had to find a shirt. No prob!

IMG_8510 IMG_8511

I had some blue tshirt left over from a previous project and it was a perfect match for the lining of the purse. A pic of all my pieces:


This was a quick project, lucky me! Here’s the finished purse:

IMG_8526 IMG_8527 IMG_8529 IMG_8532

I’m sure my friend’s friend is going to love it!

Do you have an old college shirt taking up space in your closet or drawer? Wish you could use it again? Send me a message in the comments or a convo on Etsy and I would be happy to create something unique just for you!

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