Cali Roots purse by bohoECO

Cali Roots – an upcycled adventure

I was born in California so I’ve always considered myself a west-coaster. I saw this shirt at the thrift store and fell in love with the vintage colors and the surf-y beach-y look. Sold!

Cali Purse1

For the inside, I wanted to use a bright, fun color. You can see part of it in the previous picture, but here’s a better version.

Cali Purse2

See that piece of rope? I was considering using that for a handle/strap but changed my mind because the white on white was just too much white…

Here’s what I ended up with – a perfect match with the varying blues!

Cali Purse3

I decided to get to work on this after streaming some live Cali Roots festival a few weekends ago. I absolutely LOVE that bands and festivals do this now. I can travel anywhere and see bands I love for FREE from my couch!

Here’s how it turned out:

Cali Purse4 Cali Purse5 Cali Purse6 Cali Purse8Cali Purse 7


I completely adore this one! I’ll try to get it listed on etsy ASAP :)

Have you ever been to California? Tell me a fun story in the comments!

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