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Bright and boho vintage dress refashion – part one

bright boho vintage dress

This boho vintage dress! It’s vintage, probably from the 60s, and originally belonged to my coworker’s boyfriend’s cousin’s mother. It was given to my coworker a while back and unfortunately it didn’t fit her. And because she felt bad just leaving it in a closet (I mean, just LOOK at how awesome it is!), she got permission to give it to me to create something special for her boyfriend’s cousin. Here are a few more “before” photos, so you can get a closer look at the colors!

bright boho 2 bright boho 3 bright boho 4


I took out some of the seams to get as much flat material as possible, and got to work on a big hobo style bag. It was really the only thing to do with the big awesome pattern and bright bold colors of the material!

bright boho 5

I had some dark grey material on hand, which was perfect for the lining.

bright boho 6

Here’s an “in-progress” photo:

bright boho 7

I was able to use the sash as-is for the strap on this purse. Score! I decided not to cut it, but instead sew it in one side, and sew to the other side, then wrap it and loosely knot it like a scarf.

bright boho 8

Here are the “after” photos:

bright boho 9 bright boho 10 bright boho 11 bright boho 12

Can I just say, I was literally “THISCLOSE” to not giving this one back. I just completely love the look, the colors, and everything about how this turned out! Tell me what you think in the comments.

There was some material left, and I couldn’t let it go to waste so stay tuned for part two of this redesign – coming up next week!

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