Bottom plus top equals cute purse, and a bonus quick DIY

Usually I start my thrift store shopping in the tshirt aisles, then work my way to the linens and women’s skirts. These places seem to be the best sources for pretty florals, interesting patterns and prints. So while I started by grabbing a royal purple tshirt, once I made my way to the skirts I found a fun design that was a great size for a purse without too much alteration…plus, the purple would be perfect for the inside!

Here they are together.



And since my original intention was to use the purple shirt for tshirt yarn, that’s exactly what I started doing. I know there are a few tutorials out there but I figured I’d take a couple extra pics and document the process here, in case any of you would like to know how it’s done!

First, fold the shirt almost in half, leaving about an inch along one side. See here:


Then, cut off the bottom hem of the shirt, and working from the bottom, cut 1-inch strips- as many as you can till you get to the bottom of the sleeve. Make sure to cut all the way though the top folded part of the shirt, but not all the way to the end. Like so:


Your shirt should still be in a tube, since we didn’t slice all the way through on that one side. Pick it up and shake it out, then put your arm through the shirt with the uncut part face up along the inside of your arm. See?


The next step is going to turn this into one long strip of material. To start, take your scissors and cut a diagonal line from the top edge to the first slice. Then, continue cutting diagonally from one slice to the next until you get to the end. Here’s what that looks like:

And here’s my big pile of material.

Next, take one end of the material and pull tight. The fabric should sort of curl up on itself. Now it’s yarn!

Wind it up…pull and wind, pull and wind…

And eventually you get a ball of tshirt yarn!

So now I have the top of the shirt left. Just enough to make the lining of the purse!

I had to do a bit of layering with the collar area, and found a sleeve from another shirt to use as a second pocket.


And after a little work, here’s the finished bag!




I used a coordinating webbed belt for the strap and it ties shut with some of that pretty purple tshirt yarn. I actually kinda love this. The colors are so bright and fun! Way too much for a skirt (for me at least) but it makes a great purse. What do you think?

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