woven skirt 2

Another skirt-to-purse refashion!

Ok, ok, this will be my last skirt-to-purse refashion for a while. Not because I don’t want to do any more ever…I’m just out of skirts till I make it to the thrift store again! ;)

I completely loved the colors and pattern in this lovely woven acrylic skirt.

woven skirt 1

Here’s a closer look…

woven skirt 2

So much prettier, right?

I thought the style and the material would be great as a handbag, so I chopped off the bottom of the skirt and used that material for the two handles. Super simple, and super adorable! Here’s the finished purse:

woven skirt 3 woven skirt 6 woven skirt 5 woven skirt 4

The colors are so fun. Sort of understated at a distance but definitely splashy up close. Jewel tones always look so lovely with black. You could even pull one or a few colors into a scarf tied onto the handle, for an added pop! This one will be for sale soon on my etsy store.

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