upcycled scarf purse by bohoECO

A Silky Hobo

One of my coworkers had this fun scarf in a drawer. She received it as a gift and since she’s not a ‘scarf person’ decided to give it to me for my collection of fabrics so I could someday make it into something fabulous. Of course, I was so rushed that I forgot to iron before taking photos…too late now!

IMG_8126 IMG_8127

I had some leftover polyester from a set of curtains I made several years ago, which I wanted to use for the inside and the bottom of the outside, because even with the interfacing I think the scarf material was a little thin for a purse bottom.

I also knew that I wanted to keep the brown and red stripe visible so I had to plan the pattern around that.

Here are all my pieces:


Surprisingly, the silky material wasn’t too difficult to work with on the sewing machine. The only annoying part was the fraying, but once I got it all sewn up, no problemo!

upcycled scarf purse by bohoECO
upcycled scarf purse by bohoECO

upcycled scarf purse by bohoECO

upcycled scarf purse by bohoECO

I used one of my vintage buttons as a closure. Gives it a special touch and keeps your stuff from spilling out!


upcycled scarf purse by bohoECO

This will be for sale soon on etsy. For sale now on Etsy!

Do you have a gorgeous scarf sitting in a drawer somewhere? Want to make it into something useful? Send me a message in the comments or on etsy!

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