A Pendleton makes a lovely Christmas gift

Last time I hit the thrift store, I was looking for some wintery, heavier materials for a few pieces that would add a seasonal touch. I could not resist this beautiful wool skirt and at first was going to keep it to wear. IMG_8505 IMG_8506

Alas, it’s too small for me! So a purse it shall be.

It took a while to decide on a strap material. I thought about using some of the plaid but thought that would be a little too casual. Instead, I grabbed a little shiny black “patent” belt from my closet and it looked perfect!


The only challenge was that the belt was a bit short so I had to figure a solution for the holes along the one side. I used some bright green vintage glass buttons, small on the inside and large on the outside.



I think it adds a cool detail! Here’s the completed purse:

I left the pockets intact.


Button and zipper on the back, still fully functional.

I added a double layer felt pocket to the inside and voila!


It will be for sale soon on etsy and would make a great Christmas gift ;)

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