bohoeco banner

A new bohoECO banner!

If you’ve been following my blog, you may remember my first ‘official’ craft show. I shared tent space with a friend, and neither of us had signage so she was kind enough to make some big prints with our logos, which she mounted to foam board.

bohoeco booth photo 1

We hung them from the back of the tent so they would stay out of the way, but honestly they made me a little nervous. Every time there was a gust of wind, the signs were hitting us in the back of the head. After that show, I resolved to invest in something more flexible for future events.

I thought about spending money on a custom vinyl banner but in the spirit of “I bet I could do it myself,” I wanted to make a new bohoECO banner myself.

So first thing I did was figure out the size I needed. Then, I enlarged my logo in InDesign, and printed it out on multiple sheets. Once the pattern was pieced together, it looked like this:

bohoeco banner

Then, I sifted through my materials and found some that were close to the colors of my logo:


I pinned on the pattern and cut the letters, then laid everything out on the kitchen counter to see how it would look:

bohoeco banner

After my trip to the fabric store for some plain colored, heavy, unbleached cotton, I pinned everything on and used some ¼” stich witchery to tack it down. If you’re not familiar with stitch witchery, it’s like this magical tape made of ‘dry’ fabric glue. When you place it between two layers of material and use a steam iron, it glues the fabrics together. It’s pretty awesome for hemming and small projects, and for tacking things together instead of using pins, so everything stays in place while you’re sewing.

bohoeco banner

The next day, I got out my coordinating threads and went to work, treating this like a huge applique project. And YES, this did take a LONG time.

bohoeco banner

After I had all my letters appliqued, I put it all together with a nice backing, and made a channel at the top and bottom for a dowel to fit through. And now it’s ready for my next event!

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